Development Watch

Neon @Duplex and Orchard View

Neon will soon break ground. The EPRA, worked on the working group and is now working  with the site plan committee to improve the design, including a green wall on the east side facing the library and Stanley Knowles Co-op.

36 Eglinton West @North East corner of Duplex and Eglinton

The developer, Premium Properties Ltd, has proposed a 48-storey tower, with stacked parking below and retail at grade. The City has issued a refusal report, which will be discussed at North York Community Council on October 4.

The EPRA is firmly opposed to this enormous development on a tiny plot and plans to participate in hearings at the OMB.

Yonge Street Shops  @North of the RBC

A developer has bought the stores along Yonge, and the small apartments behind them. We are endeavouring to find out who and what they are planning. We hope to express our, and your, desires and concerns early, the better to help shape the eventual building.

Meanwhile, just outside our own area are many more developments:

TD Bank Site @Yonge and Eglinton, North East corner

Major devolopers, Bazis, Metropia, have teamed up with TD for an ambitious mixed-use building: shops, a bank, bank offices, and a very tall needle (59 or 60 floors in all). They also plan a shorter tower east of the Duke of York tavern. This is a major development.

The EPRA has attended  several discussions held by the councillor. The developer seems keen on dialogue with the community and we hope to bring the neighours into the discussion.


About eglintonpark

Eglinton Park Residents' Association unites local residents around neighbourhood issues, particularly building developments in the area.
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