Condos by the bushel

Condos by the bushel

Our neighbourhood is attractive and lively. Its good public transit invites intensive development, and the city’s Official Plan encourages it on certain lands. So, there is intense pressure from developers, both in EPRA’s zone of operation — between Eglinton Park and Yonge — and all up and down Yonge Street. With the LRT, we expect it across Eglinton as well.

The EPRA wants your help in dealing with this, to make this growth both orderly and fertile.

We cannot make condos just go away.

What we can do is help shape them, with an eye to good planning, proper scale, good design, green space and good public realm.

We will make planning for Yonge and Eglinton the main topic at our AGM this coming January.


About eglintonpark

Eglinton Park Residents' Association unites local residents around neighbourhood issues, particularly building developments in the area.
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